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Hammer S.r.l. was founded in Rho, Milan, in 2006, in response to a growing demand for technical and scientific support from local metallurgical and mechanical industries, and steelmaking plants.

Being a relatively new company, it can guarantee the use of the latest technology and equipment available on the market.

This privately-owned company conducts tests on metals and alloys, product inspections and failure analysis using destructive and nondestructive methods.

The company has its own fully equipped test laboratory and all the test instruments are kept in perfect working order and regularly calibrated. All the technicians are fully qualified. New equipment is added whenever market demand calls for this.

The laboratory conducts spectrometric chemical analysis, mechanical tests, metallographic analysis, electron microscope analysis (SEM), thermocouple checks and failure analysis on wrought products and finished components, and draws up detailed test reports.

The customer can submit to Hammer specimens ready for testing or give material samples to the laboratory, which have them prepared by qualified suppliers.

As part of the company’s philosophy of providing a fully qualified service, Hammer has adopted a quality management system covering its test activities in compliance with ISO 17025.

The company has obtained accreditation by ACCREDIA (National Accreditation Body), formal recognition of its ability to carry out the tests listed in the attached table (also published on the website www.accredia.it). Together with the Italian ACCREDIA mark, Hammer is also entitled to use the ILAC* combined MRA mark.

*ILAC = International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

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